Soul Medicine

Soul Medicine 

Body Work Sessions

Deep healing for people committed to cultivating wellness in their lives.

Body, Mind & Soul.

What to Expect During A Session:

Each treatment is unique depending on your needs that day - we will check in before every treatment so that I can understand your needs, concerns and intentions.  Most sessions begin with smudging - the burning of sacred plants (sage, red cedar, yellow cedar, white pine and/or juniper, all obtained from local First-Nation elders) accompanied by guided breath work and intention setting.  From there Elizabeth begins her reiki and massage treatment, closing with smudging and gratitude.  Other modalities that may be incorporated include sound healing (rattles, drums, singing bowls), angel cards and guided imagery/meditations.  60, 75 and 90 min sessions available.

With a background including:

- Certified Yoga Teacher (2012)

- Relaxation Massage training (Melbourne, Australia, 2009)

- Reiki Master (Calgary, AB, 2008)

Baccalaureate degree in Nursing (University of Calgary, 2008)

- Baccalaureate degree in Kinesiology (University of Calgary, 2008)

Elizabeth has created a truly unique healing modality, fusing massage, reiki, breath work, meditation and coaching, to assist you in accessing the deepest level of relaxation.  Her approach is equal parts science and art, as she taps into intuition and guidance of a higher power to assist you in creating the inner landscape (parasympathetic nervous system tone/relaxation response) to allow your body to heal itself.


Self care is so important to me, so receiving the divine bodywork from Elizabeth is a true gift.  Her gentle voice, her compassion and love that goes into each experience is something I am truly grateful for.  Every time I am on her table, she takes me somewhere amazing,  I look forward to every treatment.  It really IS Medicine for my Soul.

- Jane C.

Squamish, BC

Weighed down by the burden of setting up and operating a business in an extremely competitive CBD environment and feeling my energy slowly diminishing, a kind of divine providence brought me in contact with Elizabeth.  Over the next 12 months, Elizabeth shared aspects of her sessions which provided benefits beyond the scope of any therapy I'd experienced before.  The environment Elizabeth creates is awash with a spirituality that both eases the mind and relaxes the body.  From the start to the finish of every session I was immersed in a realm of tranquility, the depths of which I had never fathomed.  Enough cannot be said for the ability Elizabeth.  She is a truly gifted soul who exceeded all my expectations.

Dr. A Wong

Melbourne, Australia

I've seen many spiritual healers, reiki practitioners and people for massage over the last 15 years, and across different states in Australia, but I've never experienced the professionalism, results, satisfaction or relationship that I did with Elizabeth.  She is extremely professional, talented, deep thinking and feeling and has a great ability to channel/access what is required to get sincere results out of her sessions.  Elizabeth is highly insightful, intuitive and boasts a great deal of knowledge and wisdom.  She knows exactly how to read your body and what you need.  I have never had someone make me feel the way she has and achieve the results she can.

-Georgie S.

Melbourne, Australia