A Prenatal Retreat

Elizabeth started her work in special events as the visionary and founder of the West Coast Yoga Foundation.  Major events she has brought to life include the West Coast Yoga Festival, the Yoga Social, and the Yoga Crawl (a successful fundraiser for community Christmas Care).  She undertakes all elements of event planning including managing performance line-up, sourcing and booking event rentals, site planning, running a marketplace, collaborating with the District and Vancouver Coastal Health to meet all bylaws, recruiting and supporting teams of volunteers, marketing, managing ticket sales and much more. She has personally managed and overseen every aspect of event management.

Zero-Waste Events Elizabeth believes strongly that you cannot celebrate the Earth and destroy her at the same time.  With this in mind, she has excelled in making all of her events Zero-Waste initiatives.  At the 1st and 2nd West  Coast Yoga Festivals she managed to salvage and up-cycle more waste materials that were destine for the dump than the amount of waste that was created at the festivals.  Both events drew 300+ attendees over the span of 10+ hours and generated less than half a garbage bag of waste for the landfill - achieving an unprecedented result in comparable events.



Fabulous event. Such love put into the whole thing. Was quite emotional by the end. Thank you!! Hopefully it will become an annual event. Well done!!

Great classes, great humans, great food, great vendors.

“I loved the collective participation, being in nature, elevated intention, (it) made for quite an ecstatic emancipatory experience! Unforgettable!”

Soul Medicine

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