A Prenatal Day Retreat

Nanette Nerland

Nanette Nerland is a passionate HR professional, with over 15 years of experience supporting people at work, as well as a certified brain-based coach and meditation instructor. She is the owner of her own personal growth company, Potential Actually, where she supports people in actualizing their personal potential and prospering with purpose. As an HR professional and a working mom herself, Nanette is well aware of the challenges new mom's face as they leave and re-enter work, and has supported many working moms in navigating the tricky balance between life and work.

Workshop:  Baby & Work: Planning Your Leave & Easing Your Return to Work 

This session covers everything you wanted to know about maternity/paternity leave, and re-entering work after baby. We will look at how to prepare and plan for your leave and return to work to ensure you have as smooth a transition as possible. This practical session will cover everything from your leave benefits and rights to breaking the news to your boss and co-workers and considering child care options upon your return.

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