“We see the world, not as it is, but as we are - or, as we are conditioned to see it.”

Stephen Covey

Teacher of healing arts

to those who ready and hungry

to rise, thrive, transform and uplift.

This information age is riddled with paradox...

Technology connects us and isolates us at the same time.

We can reach out to people across the world, but don't bother to meet our neighbours.

The vast majority of Canadians have their basic needs met, yet an insatiable hunger burns deep inside.

We try to fill it with all of life's external pleasure, but only end up feeling more dissatisfied.

At some point we say ENOUGH.  At some point we realize all this eternal noise and pleasure is a trap.  We decide to take control of our lives and bring awareness back to the inner world.  We choose unity.  We choose real connection.  We return to Source. 

What we realize we need is Soul Medicine... a deep nurturance of our Essence.

Through Elizabeth’s leadership, coaching and yoga she supports women to connect to their true selves, to each other and to that which is greater. Elizabeth equips her clients with tools to live their best life and nurture others through mastering mindset, breath work and movement. 

Megan Dell, Squamish, BC

About Liz

Elizabeth’s (aka Liz)  life is richly filled with simplicity as she nurtures her family and community in the ways of her parents and grandparents before her – with prayer, soulful presence, human connection, gardening, home cooked meals, music and play.   This simplicity was inspired by a life that had grown chaotic.  Fresh out of high school, and burning the candle at both ends, she managed to earn two Bachelor degrees with honors (Nursing and Kinesiology), fulfill a leadership role on the highly competitive University of Calgary Dinos hockey team, earn her Registered Nurse designation, run the Honolulu marathon and start a full-time career at the Alberta Children’s Hospital – all in just five years. At the end of this period she was emotionally burned out and physically very unwell.  In the process of regaining her health, she directly experienced the profound healing powers of yoga, breath work, reiki and a plant-based diet.  Without hesitation, she stepped out of the life she worked so hard to create, and stepped onto the path of her true calling.  She now works to align her life with Truth, while inspiring others to do the same.  Her offerings include yoga, reiki, massage, reiki trainings, and creating community events.  Her heart and her work are deeply inspired by her family, her teacher, Tina Pashumati James, yoga philosophy (Yoga Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita) and the work of Dr Joe Dispenza.


- 7+ years experience teaching yoga in a variety of settings (public studio classes, corporate, community class, signature courses, assisting at yoga teacher trainings, leading workshops at company retreats and business conferences)

- Hosted numerous community fundraising events, two community yoga festivals and countless community yoga classes.

- Founded one business and one non-profit organization.

- 10 years of practice as Reiki Master/Teacher

- 10 years practice offering relaxation massage.

- Baccalaureate degree in Nursing from the University of Calgary

- Baccalaureate degree in Kinesiology from the University of Calgary

- Leadership role on the University of Calgary Dinos Hockey Team


Soul Medicine

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