Wellness Social

The Postnatal Wellness Social is a semi-private (small group) weekly gathering of mothers and their babies aimed at:

- yoga asana to fortify the postpartum body

- breath work and meditation to support postpartum mental health and work towards inner mastery

- discussion and exploration of hot topics: feeding, sleeping, emotional health, relationships and intimacy after baby.  Dispelling the "bliss myth" and discussing the full spectrum of life with a baby - the dark and light sides.

- community & connecting with others on the path of motherhood

- light snacks and drinks provided.

This class is for you if you want:

- to normalize the beauty and challenges of motherhood

- to feel better in body, mind and spirit

- to get out of the house and into a safe space where you are free to nurse or bottle feed  relax, show up in pyjamas, cry, laugh, clean up poop explosions and enjoy the company of authentic, real, incredible women.

- This class is ideal for women who have been cleared for yoga by their care provider (typically 6+ weeks), and whose babies are not yet mobile. 

Classes will be held in my home in Brackendale and will run 10:30am-12:30pm.  Each class will include movement, breath work, discussion, light snacks & drinks and time for unstructured connection.

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