Prenatal Yoga

Pregnancy is a sacred time, full of beauty, challenge, magic and mystery. 

Elizabeth's prenatal yoga classes are designed for those women who want to consciously walk this sacred path and evolve in the process.  It is for those women who want to awaken to the incredible power, wildness, wisdom and intuition that lies within.  The classes are built around a reverence for pregnancy, birth, and the Divine Feminine existing in each woman.  The classes are steeped in intuitive movement, mantra, sound, connection and breath work, always offering just enough challenge to stimulate growth. This is a full spectrum class that will support and prepare the body, mind and heart for the journey forward.

Elizabeth leads the most beautiful mind, body and soul nourishing yoga classes, and her prenatal education, empowerment and tools are a game changer for expectant and new parents. She is a true trail blazer for those walking the path of motherhood. Elizabeth's presence, the space she holds for Mamas and her ability to create connection are powerful and supportive at a time when women need it most. Having her as my yoga teacher, coach and guide has been the best part of my pregnancy.

Megan D.

Squamish BC

Soul Medicine

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