Thrive Beyond Birth

Ruth Skutezky

Ruth Skutezky, M.A., Registered Clinical Counsellor

Ruth is passionate about helping young adults strengthen their relationships, especially as they move into marriage and parenthood.  Ruth believes that counselling is too often used as a last-resort, and that taking a preventative approach allows couples with an opportunity to self-reflect with presence, and listen to each other with an open heart.

Ruth is on a mission to make her services more accessible; stay tuned regarding her online courses to be launched later this year.  Ruth is also the proud new mother of twin boys.  

Workshop: Resilient Relationships: Creating a Plan for the Transition into Parenthood

In this down-to-earth and informative presentation, Alexandra and Ruth will share insights about the transition to parenthood from a mental health and relationship perspective.  They will draw upon their professional experience counselling individuals and couples to highlight common struggles that couples can face during this time. Alexandra and Ruth will touch on the importance of managing expectations, developing a “4th trimester” plan, and give you specific tools to help your relationship thrive.

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