Elizabeth's Spring schedule is in effect March 1, 2020.


9:30am Morning Flow at Shala Yoga (75 min)

11:00 am Motherhood Wellness (mom and baby) at Shala Yoga. Pre-registered Series.(60 min)

7:15pm Shakti Flow at Shala Yoga (60 min)

8:30pm Restorative at Shala Yoga (60 min)



6:00 pm Prenatal at The Yoga Studio 

7:30 pm Into the Chrysalis (sold out) at The Yoga Studio


9:30am-10:45am Bhakti Flow at Shala Yoga

12pm-1pm Shakti Flow at Shala Yoga

For bodywork schedule, visit my booking page here.

Please note:  Classes are currently cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  If you are looking for support in your yoga practice during this time, visit my online yoga platform by clicking the link below:

About Her Classes...

Elizabeth's yoga classes are a beautiful fusion of breath, intention and movement. Her classes are breath-centric as she counts and cues the breath throughout the class in order to deepen the transformational power of the practice. Movement, meditation, mantra and breath work create a balanced and powerful offering, while  insight into applying ancient teachings to modern life are slipped into class dialogue.  All levels of practitioners are welcome - from the absolute beginner to the daily practitioner.


Elizabeth's work is deeply inspired by her dearest teacher Tina Pashumati James, with whom she practices weekly.  The alignment system Elizabeth teaches follows closely the revolutionary Blissology system developed by her teacher Eoin Finn.  She has also been fortunate to practice with Teresa Campbell and Max Strom, who have also strongly influenced her teaching style today..



Into the Chrysalis:

From Resolution to Evolution

Into the Chrysalis an 8 week progressive series based on the biology of transformation that will set you on a powerful path of empowerment to start off 2020.  These classes will combine kriya yoga  and in depth study and application of cutting edge neuroscience to set your soul on fire and light you up for the coming decade and beyond.  To deepen the work, we will be practicing and evolving in a small group of like-minded inspiring souls to build an environment of support and accountability. If you truly show up and do the work that is offered (in class and outside of class assignments), you will be changed.


This incredibly potent work is for people who are ready to step into their power as a creator of their lives.  Click here for more details.



Yoga as Medicine:

A Holistic Elixir

In this workshop, we will explore direct effects that yoga (movement, breath work, mantra, meditation) has on physiology AND look at how to approach your practice in a way that transforms your life and relationships off the mat. 


This workshop is for those who:

- want to use Yoga as tool to holistically enhance all aspects of their well-being

- are committed to consciously creating a life that they love and to assuming responsibility for their lives

- and for those seeking to develop their innate power to heal and create.

The Art of Alignment

Largely inspired by the revolutionary Blissology Yoga Alignment System, this workshop serves to support you in cultivating steadiness, strength, joy and freedom in your asana practice.  Learn principles of movement that will enhance your physical and mental wellbeing both on and off the mat. Learn how to avoid injury and modify asanas for your unique body and needs. Suitable for all levels of practitioners. 

Life Mission: Finding Purpose and Cultivating Fulfillment

A process of self-inquiry, asana, meditation and mantra carefully curated to help you get clear on your purpose in life and to cultivate the courage to follow this calling.

Soul Medicine

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